English Food

English Food
A Day of English Delights?

English food is full of dishes that have strange names and wonderful flavours. Though the current national dish is currently considered to be Chicken Tikka Masala, there is much famous, more traditional fare to be enjoyed. All through the day, you can tickle your taste buds with things like bubble and squeak, kedgeree, a Cornish pasty, or a Devon scone.

The food is complimented by the pleasant teas, ales, and ciders specific to the nation of England as well. Whether you prefer Edwardian culinary delights, Victorian tasty treats, or more contemporary fare, you can explore the local cuisine all over the countryside and in the city as well.
Start your day off with a Full English breakfast, a substantial start to the day. Traditional components to this traditional hearty breakfast are fried eggs, fried toast, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, bangers (links of pork sausage fried up in a skillet, sometimes exploding with a bang),

rashers of bacon, and baked beans. Some add black (blood) pudding or white pudding to the plate.

Add a pot of tea to the table and you have a spread worthy of lingering at the table on a lazy weekend. If you are more inclined to a simpler, but still filling meal to jumpstart the day, traditional English porridge will hit the spot. Devilled kidneys on toast were once the breakfast food of choice.

Brunches often include kedgeree, a curried rice, haddock, and egg concoction.
If you can think about lunch after that filling breakfast, you might try a traditional sandwich like roast beef and horseradish or egg and watercress. Cornish pasties are pastries filled with savoury meat and potatoes are crimped closed and cooked to make them portable pies, perfect for a picnic lunch. Fish and chips are also a traditional take-away English food.

Grab some from a fish and chips stand and keep on going, or sit back and relax while you enjoy this deliciously fried treat. Hang out at a pub for steak and ale pie, Ploughman’s, or smoked salmon.
Afternoon tea is perhaps the most famous eating tradition in England. People around the world associate the nation with this repast. It starts with crustless, dainty sandwiches, moves to cakes and scones, and is rounded off by petit fours.

All along the way you drink delicious English teas. English food for afternoon tea is rich and indulgent, even though it was originally invented as an afternoon pick-me-up. No matter the time of day, traditional English delights can please your palate.

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English Food