Сочинение-письмо на английском на тему мое хобби

Подготовка к ЕГЭ: Сочинение-письмо на английском на тему мое хобби

Hello my dear friend!

Last time you told me about your hobbies and said that you want to know about mine. All people are different, so their hobbies are different too. Everyone gets his own hobby with his special taste.

People have hobby to relax and to have some pleasure time.

People are choosing hobby according to their tastes, so they do only what they really admire to do. I think none will make his hobby something he hates. If you already found something special, your life will never be boring and free time will pass just like one second.

Many people like an active hobby. For example they travel or take pictures, its an action. They also can play sport games like tennis, etc.

Other people prefer to make something. They can sew, do handmade, paint, draw, knitting.

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There are lot of humen who like collecting anything. It”s a very popular kind of hobby. Some people get special books, another like to get coins. You can get thousands of different items: car or plane models, toys or CD”s.

There are fans to collect and they get expensive and very rare. That can be paintings, art objects etc. This kind of hobby is for people, who have enough money.

These collections are for museums or galleries.

People living in the big cities and they like to have garden. They have fun with growing vegetables or flowers. Some people are very lucky and their hobby is similar to their profession, which brings them money.

I do have my own hobby too. I like to do sports a lot. I always do morning exersice and go outside to run in the evening.

Also I take pictures a lot. I do not go anywhere without my camera, it is my own passion. My parents made me a great present last birthday. It is a perfect camera, I love it so much.

People like my photos a lot, I often present them a different photo with their faces or nature on them.

What hobbies do you prefer?

Best wishes, me.

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Сочинение-письмо на английском на тему мое хобби