Завдання з аудіювання, 7 клас. Англійська мова

Завдання з аудіювання. 7 клас. Англійська мова.

Це легко і швидко. Тест на перевірку розуміння міні-тексту.


My name is Ti-Ming. I live in the village in the south of China. China is a very big country with many

Rivers? dry deserts and fields. There are high mountains covered with snow near my village. There

Are pandas in our mountains. There are only about one thousand pandas now. Pandas eat bamboo

But the farmers cut down the bamboo because they want to grow rice. There are over one billion

People in China. Now families can have only one child. The Chinese like rice.

Тест. Поставити знак +, якщо речення вірне відповідно до тексту і знак -, якщо не вірне.


The boy is Chines.

2. he lives in the south of China.

3. There are few rivers in China.

4. There are no pandas there.

5. The Chinese like rice.

6. The Chinese eat maise.

7. Pandas eat rice.

8. Pandas live near the rivera.

9. Two billion people live in China.

10. There are high mountains in China.

11. Snow coveres high mountains.

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Завдання з аудіювання, 7 клас. Англійська мова