Урок англійської мови у 3 класі на тему: “School life”

Відкритий урок з англійської мови у 3 класі на тему:
“School life”

The theme of the lesson: “School life”
The practical aim: to teach children to systematize received information and to use it in a right way on practice.
The developing aim: to develop grammar abilities of pupils; skills of listening reading and writing.
The educational aim: to teach children to respect each other and their school.
Audio-visual aids and materials: pictures for this lesson, cards for individual work, presentations
Type of the lesson: The repeating of the new grammar material.

I Introduction
І. Пісня – привітання
Hello, my guests, hello!
It’s nice to see you again
Hello, my guests, hello!
Tell me how have you been?

I am fine, thank you, I am fine,
I am fine and how about you?
The same, thank you, the same

/> The same, I’m feeling fine too
Т:Who is knocking at the door?
Один з учнів перед цим виходить з класу, вдягає капелюха, плащ, змінюючи свій образ і стукає в двері.
Come in.
ІІ. Заходить хлопчик
1 дівчинка
Do you see that funny man?
He is real gentleman
He can say
Хлопець: Hello to you, How are you? How do you do?
2 дівчинка:
Yes, I see that funny man
Let us say these words again.
Hi, Hello, How do you do?
Hey, Good morning, How are you?
Teacher: My dear, I am sure, you have to know this young gentleman. May be he is from your favourite books or films?
Children: Oh, he is Harry Potter.
T: Yes you are quite right.
T: Welcome, Harry
You will be guest at our lesson. Sit down here, please.
Повідомлення теми уроку
T: As you know Harry Potter studied at school, but this school was unusual that is magic school.
And our lesson
for today will be unusual too. We will learn a lot of words about daily routine in the magic school. We are going to speak about school, school subjects and school life.
Be attentive, please.
T: Look at the screen. ( СЛАЙД 1 )
Let’s repeat the structure let’s. Who knows this translation?
Ch: Let’s – давайте.
T: Who knows the poems with Let’s
Діти встають.
Всі Let us sing
Let us play
Let us dance together
Let’s have tea
Let’s have fun
Let’ be friends forever!
Let us try to be polite
And everything we do
Remember always to say “please”
And don’t forget, thank you.
T: As you know Englishmen are very polite, as for Harry Potter is very well bred, clever and polite young man and never forgets to say “thank you” and “excuse me”.
T. How many days a week do you go to school?
Ch: five (пісня).What are they?
Ch: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
We are at school on Monday
We are at school on Tuesday
We are at school on Wednesday
On Thursday and on Friday
Let’s go to school, let’s go to school
Let’s go to school together
Let’s go to school, let’s go to school
To learn, to read and write
T: Dear boys and girls, be so kind tell me, please. What kind of subjects do you learn?
P 1: we have Ukrainian.
P 2: we have Reading
P 3: Math,
P 4: Music,
P 5: PT lesson
P 6: English
P 7: Drawing
T: Harry, what is the difference between our school subjects and subjects of your magic school?
Harry Potter: I’m glad to hear that because I have the same subjects at my school.
T: I wonder what you do at these lessons.
And now be attentive, please.
I am going to read some sentences and if it is right you have to clap and if it is wrong you have to step.
OKAY? Are you ready?
– We count in the Music class.
– We sing in the Music class
– We read in the Drawing lesson
– We speak English in the English lesson
– We write in the Drawing class
– We read in the Reading lesson
– We speak Ukrainian in the PT lesson
– We run in the Math lesson
– We jump in the PT lesson
– We do sums in the Math lesson
T: Yes, we learn many interesting subjects at school. And now our first lesson is Music
What song did you learn at the previous lesson?
Ch: 100 days
Let’s sing this song:
Пісня 100 days
100 days, 100 days
100 days of school today,
So clap and sway, and say hurray
100 days of school today
Let’s count, come on everybody
10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 days
100 days, 100 days
100 days of school today,
So clap and sway, and say hurray
100 days of school today
T: OKAY, well done. And what song do you know else?
Ch: My Bonnie
T: Let’s sing “My Bonnie”

My Bonnie lies over the ocean,
My Bonnie lies over the sea,
My Bonnie lies over the ocean,
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me.
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me ( 2 times)

T: Thank you, you are so good. It’s great.
T: The next lesson is Writing. Are you ready?
Ch: Yes. we are.
T: Look at the screen. You have to do the task. (СЛАЙД2)
1. Match the words and word-combinations.
And now you’ll get cards and try to combine words from the box into pairs to make expressions
1. Go to… a) count
2. It’s time to… b) school
3. Interesting… c) learn
4. Unusual… d) English
5. Let’s… e) school
6. Speak in… f) subjects
T: Who is ready?
T: You are great.
Pre – reading
T: As you see it will be Reading
There are many unusual schools in the world, but Hogwarts is really unique. Let’s look through slide show about Hogwards School. Be attentive please.
Look at the screen (Проект)
T: It’s wonder what is Harry writing? May be a letter about his school for the Ukrainian pupils? Let’s read this letter
While reading
T: Read the letter.(СЛАЙД 3)
читають лист.
Hello. My name is Harry Potter. I go to school.

It is old. My school is large and light. We have a big dining room. We have breakfast and dinner here.

In front of the school there is a big sport ground. We have our PT lesson.
I like to go to school. We have 4 lessons in the morning. They are: Magic Math, English, Reading, and PT. I like many subjects.

English is my favourite. In our English lesson we read interesting stories, play games and sing songs. It’s very exciting to learn English.
T: We ‘ve just look through slide show about Hogwards school, read Harry Potter’s letter and learned some facts about his school.
T: Children, let’s look at the screen again and try to do the next task. ( СЛАЙД 4 )
Post reading
Are the sentences true or false?
1. Harry goes to school.
2. His school is small.
3. They have a small canteen.
4. There are many old books in the library.
5. Pupils have their PT lessons in front of the school.
6. His favourite subjects is PT
T: OKAY, you are well done.
T: Harry likes his school.
T: And it’s seems to me you have to relax a little bit.
Dear friends, attention!
It’s time to rise.
Stand up and wipe your sleepy eyes.
Reach and stretch for the sky
Hold your hands way up high
Bend your body and touch the ground
Stand up straight, now turn around
Point to your eyes, point to your nose
Jump up and down and touch your toes
Clap your hands, stamp your feet
Let’s go on the day
Now find your seat.
Sit still.
T: Focus on Grammar.
Now we are going to have Magic English. In English we always learn some Grammar. Let’s talk about the Past Simple Tense. ( СЛАЙД 5 )
You see the verbs in the table. Do you know their Past Tense?
T: Your task is find regular verbs and then irregular verbs and form their Past Simple. Think a little. At first, let’s try to read these verbs.

Are you ready?
Play draw Help do write
run clean jump wash have
And now form their Past Simple.
The next task.
T: Let’s talk about Present Continuous. Be attentive, please. We are going to look through the extract of your favourite films and now you see your real hero in our room.
Here is Harry and his team are active players of the famous game “Kvidych”. Your task is make up some sentences in Present Continuous and you know that Present Continuous is the action is doing now. ( ВІДЕО )
What are the children doing?
Ch. 1. The children are flying in the air.
2. Some players are flying on the magic broom.
3. Many fans are watching the game
4. Our favourite Harry is flying on the broom best of all that is why he is the winner.
5. All of the watchers of his team are applauding.
6. They are happy and merry.

T: Let’s remember the game with Present Continuous.
One and two and three and four
We are standing on the floor
We are playing with a doll
And a pretty little girl.

T Harry, Let’s play with us
One and two and three and four
We are standing on the floor
We are playing with a car
And a pretty little star.

T: Sit down on your place, please.
So, you have many subjects in your time table. I’ll describe some lessons and you should guess the name of the class.
1. You read English text, speak, ask and answer the questions, play games in this lesson.
Ch: English
2. You draw and paint on papers using pencils, a brush in this class.
Ch: Drawing.
3. You count and learn about sums in this class.
Ch: Math.
4. You read, write, do exercises, ask and answer the questions in Ukrainian.
Ch: Ukrainian.
5. You don’t read and write. You run, jump in the gym.
Ch: PT lesson.
6. You sing songs and dance in this lesson.
Ch: Music.
T: OKAY. Summarizing
Підбиття підсумків уроку
What guest was present at our lesson?
Is his school different from yours?
Can you describe it?
It is a castle. It is in the garden. It stands at the river. There are many rooms in the house.

There are many pictures in the corridors. Hogwards has got a library and a big dining room. It is big and beautiful.
T: Harry? are you glad to be at our school today?
(СЛАЙД 6 )
Home assignment
At home fill in the following form. You have to go on these sentences.
My name is…
I am a pupil of…
I study 5 days a week…
My favourite day is…
On…..I have________ lessons.
They are…
My favourite lesson is…

T: Put tasks in your copybooks.

T: Сhildren, we have done a lot of work today. You are good pupils, you have shown good results and your marks today are… Harry, your imaginary mark is…

T: Well, Stand up, please: we say good-bye.
The more we get together
Together, together
The merrier will be
The merrier, the merrier
The happier will be
For my friends, are your friends
And your friends are my friends.
The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye, guests!

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Урок англійської мови у 3 класі на тему: “School life”