Save the planet, the planet of people (Античная литература)

I warn you that the crime must do something. Because crimes are killed innocent people.

First, children from an early age begin to try different drugs. In most cases they do nottry for yourself. They are forced to try the drug distributors to profit from young drug addicts.

Distributors drugs kill the younger generation.

Secondly, over the past few years an increasing number of terrorist acts.

The essence of terrorism – violence to intimidate. The purpose of violence – to achieve a more desirable terrorist developments – the revolution, of war with a foreign country, etc.

But terrorism is directed at the policy, but suffering of innocent people.

The third most worrisome problem is the traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers. Alcohol significantly lowers the reaction of drivers. In this state man is incapable ofdriving. Many drivers do not stop the fact that during the commission of an accidentunder the influence of alcohol, they will suffer very severe punishment.

Drunk drivers continue to shoot down innocent citizens. I am glad only that the totalnumber of accidents on the roads and even a little, but decreases.

In conclusion, I want to say that to save our planet from the crime can only ourselves.

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Save the planet, the planet of people (Античная литература)