Однажды в Рождество – Once on Christmas

Once at Christmas I was sitting by the fireplace, dreaming of snowboarding and thinking of funny and bright cracking fire. From heat and light I fell asleep…….

A knock at my door. I opened it…And, oh miracle!!! Santa Claus stood before me.

Real Santa!!!

“Yes, don’t be surprised” – he said. “I am a real Santa and I need your help.”

Red cap, white beard, kind eyes and a smile. And in his hands he held a very long list of gifts. Then it was like in a fairy tale.

We were in the night sky, riding a sleigh, flying from house to house, hanging out presents. We congratulated at first those who were ill, and especially in need of care. Also those children who have no parents, because they really need kindness and some miracle in their


By the end of our trip, I was very tired but happy. To see the happy eyes of children – this is the best reward in this magic night. With that thought my eyes closed and sank into a deep sleep. And suddenly I heard a deafening roar and whistle and eight reindeer as birds soared.

Only through the wind I heard the words “Merry Christmas! I’ll be back! Good dreams!”

I opened my eyes. Everything was just at the places. But under the Christmas tree there was a new snowboard!

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Однажды в Рождество – Once on Christmas