Конспект урока для 10 класса “Learning from the past”

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Методическая разработка урока с использованием кейс-метода в 10классе :”Learning from the past”

Тема в 10классе :Learning from the past

Можно проводить с любым УМК

Урок проводится в 10классе

Цель урока: Развитие всех видов речевой деятельности : чтения, говорения, аудирования, письма.

Задачи урока :

Развитие интеллектуального и коммуникативного потенциала учащихся.

Развитие умения логически мыслить, формулировать высказывание, аргументировать свое мнение,

делать выводы.

Развитие умения работать в группе.

Оснащение: раздаточный материал, компьютер, проектор

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент, тема урока

What happened to the ship the Mary Celeste.

2. Представление кейса. Ученики читают текст, знакомятся с ситуацией.

The Mary Celeste left New York for Italy on 7th November 1872 with a crew of seven professional sailors and the captain’s wife and daughter.

On a calm afternoon on 5 December 1872 the English ship Dei Gratia was sailing in the Atlantic when it sighted anouther ship that seemed to be out of control. Captain Morehouse of the Dei Gratia signalled the ship but got no answer. It was the Mary Celeste.

Morehouse knew this American ship and its captain Briggs. The Mary Celeste had set sail for Genoa with a cargo of alcohol, ten days before the Dei Gratia had sailed for Gibraltar. Now, a mounth later, she was

drifting with no sign of life.

The ship seemed in good shape and was no danger of sinking.

Then why had the crew abandoned her?

3. Работа в группах.

Каждой группе предлагается ознакомиться с дополнительными фактами, обсудить теории используя выражения Useful language, выбрать вероятное решение проблемы: “Why had the crew abandoned the ship?”

Read the information, then discuss the following theories for why the crew abandoned the Mary Celeste?

1. There had been a mutiny on board.

2. The crew had got drunk, killed the captain and escaped in the lifeboat.

3. The crew had abandoned the ship because they believed it was going to sink.


1. Before setting sail for Genoa, her owner had repaired the Mary Celeste.

2. This helped to explain why she had survived for so long in the wintry Atlantic after the crew had abandoned ship.

3. The compass itself was broken.

4. Someone had smashed one of the barrels of alcohol.

5. The lockers contained plenty of food and water.

6. The sailors’ chest were still there, which showed that they had probably escaped the ship in a great hurry.

7. But a search of the Captain’s cabin showed that ship’s navigation instruments were missing.

8. The Mary Celeste had been sailed whithout a crew for nine days and had sailed 700 miles.

9. The lifeboat wasn’t there.

Useful language

I think it’s most likely that…

There can’t have been (a mutiny) because…..

It’s difficult to say, but I guess (that) ….

From the evidence, I reckon (that)….

Well, you could be right, but…

That’s a good point, but on the other hand….

I don’t think that’s right because….

I think you’re right.

I agree with you.

That’s an excellent idea.

4. Представление результатов работы в группе.

Все группы зачитывают свои варианты.

5. Совместное обсуждении ситуации и предложенных вариантов.

Express your agreement or disagreement with the ideas of your classmates.

Give your arguments.

6. Работа с текстом.

Учащимся предлагается познакомиться с текстом (то, что произошло в реальности)

Briggs had never shipped alcohol before. The change in temperature between New York and Azores, the night of storms would have caused the lids of two or three barrels blew off. The explosion gave the impression the ship was able to explode and Briggs ordered everyone into the lifeboat.

He failed to secure the lifeboat to the Mary Celeste with rope. The sea was calm then, but later a storm blew up. The crew realized the Mary Celeste was no londer in danger of sinking.

But the wind blew the ship into the distance. That’s why the crew didn’t return.

7. Подведение итогов.

What conclusion can we make today?

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Конспект урока для 10 класса “Learning from the past”