Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку для 7 класса по учебнику Кауфман М

Валеева Эльвира Ризвановна,

МБОУ Большеелгинская СОШ Рыбно-Слободского района Республики Татарстан,

Учитель английского языка

Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку для 7 класса по учебнику Кауфман М

1. He is… my friend.

A) a

B) the

C) –

2. It was… interesting film.

A) a

B) an

C) the

3. He is from… Russia.

A) a

B) the

C) –

4. Do you speak… English?

A) a

B) the

C) –

5. The largest lake in the world is… Lake Baikal.

A) a

B) the

C) –

6. … sun shines every day.

A) a

B) the

C) –

7. Ted is… than Tom.

A) tall

B) taller

C) the tallest


They are… family in the world.

A) happy

B) happier

C) the happiest

9. Sport is… than Biology.

A) interestinger

B) more interesting

C) the most interesting

10. My flat is bigger than…

A) you

B) your

C) yours

11. … father is a doctor.

A) she

B) her

C) hers

12. This pen is not…

A) my

B) mine

C) me

13. … USA is one of the largest

Countries in the world.

A) a

B) the

C) –

14. I used… the piano every day.

A) play

B) to play

C) playing

15. When I came my mother… TV.

A) watched

B) was watching

C) were watching

D) watch

E) watches

16. Yesterday I… dinner.

A) cook

B) was cooking

C) cooked

D) will cook

17. Yesterday at 7 o’clock Mary… to music.

A) danced

B) were dancing

C) dancing

D) was dancing

E) dance

18. It takes.. 2 hours

to do my homework.

A) I

B) me

C) my

19. It takes my mother an hour… the house.

A) clean

B) to clean

C) cleaning

20. In India… sleep in the streets.

A) poor

B) poors

C) the poor

21. Give me… cup of coffee.

A) the other

B) other

C) another

22. You… drop litter.

A) should

B) shouldn’t

C) must

D) can

23.Peter… already… this film.

A) seen

B) has saw

C) has seen

24. I… never… an elephant.

A) have… seen

B) haven’t… seen

C) saw

D) didn’t… see

25. I… my parents twice this year.

A) visit

B) visited

C) have visited

26. They have played…

A) good

B) goodly

C) well

27. Rabbits run…

A) quick

B) quickly

C) quickest

28. What… good idea!

A) a

B) the

C) –

29. What… good news!

A) a

B) the

C) –

30. Misha… Rob before he met Alice.

A) helped

B) has helped

C) had helped

31. He… play football tomorrow.

A) going to

B) is going

C) is going to

D) goes

32. A lot of… like ice-cream.

A) child

B) childs

C) children

33. I have… friends.

A) some

B) any

34. The bus arrives… 6 o’clock.

A) in

B) at

C) on

D) –

35. I must… homework every day.

A) do

B) to do

C) doing

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Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку для 7 класса по учебнику Кауфман М