Фанатизм – Fanaticism

Youngsters have a trend to idolize on a pedestal. The biggest desire of fans is to see their idols in reality. Fans are not people who envy, fans usually consider idols as a God, and they are ready to do everything, everything at all just to take a look at the adorable. “We are ready even to eat worms!” Lim Marsak and Alice Zorzak from Berlin said. Both girls are the biggest fans of the worldwide famous band “Tokio Hotel”.

The 15-year old ladies literally live by their favourite group. They tried everything, but it was in vain. They slept over a hotel where the stars stayed, although the girls had been sent away. They wrote a 20-metre long letter and brought it by to a radio station.

But it didn’t work. The girls were ignored again. Being on a live gig “Tokio Hotel”, these girl-fans even wrote the names of the line up of the band on their breasts. One of them have written that she wants a baby from Bill(vocal).Also girls are said

to have thrown their bras on the stage to pay attention to themselves or at least to catch their smile.

But all those things were noticed by the other fans, not “TH”. The only thing the girls succeeded in was getting Tom’s autograph (guitar-vocal).Girl-fans disappointed, but seem unstoppable.

These things resemble me a mental disease. As for me, I have never suffered from fanaticism to such a big degree. And I find these people hidebound with morbid imagination.

They are single-minded just on person they adore and fans mingle their life with life of another person they want to be with.

According to the latest investigation, people who feel a lack of love give themselves up to their idols. They collect notjust articles and photos-anything at all that even mentions idol’s name goes in here. It seems silly for me.

Who does all this stuffs for? Idols won’t say thank you all the same. Fans regard the troubles and triumphs as their own ones.

If the idol is ill, the fan will do his or her best to help the adorable. If the idol dies, fans will try

to commit suicide, cutting their arms bleeding or throwing themselves from roofs and so on. They even don’t think about future, immediate family, close friends.

Children in the age group of 13-17 years old are usually exposed to fanaticism. If the so-called “disease” has already developed, teenagers care about nothing except for their idols. These children chip in on a gift for their poor parents who become a burden for their blue-eyed boys. There’re a lot of parents who have already come up against children’s fanaticism.

Parents pay heed that something is wrong with their children and take the bull-by the horns. They forbid everything that has to do with child’s idol. What does this usually lead to?

First, it starts with a brawl. Then consequences might be different. From escaping from home to suicide.

Teenagers need softly-softly approach. But whatever parents do, in majority cases children turn everything in their own ways, anyway, rebelling against parental authority.

In some cases parents worry too much more than they should be. In some period of time children will grow out of it which means that fanaticism will clear up of its own accord. And everything will take place again.

Obsessed with their idols teenagers will come back to normal life. The main thing they should do is being themselves that is to have their own personality, habits, etc. Build oneself up is harder indeed than just imitate high-achievers. As the Bible says: “Thou shall not make thee any graven image”.

Follow it and be yourself!

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Фанатизм – Fanaticism